Bacara pier sunset

Bacara pier sunset

Tucked between the lush foothills of Santa Barbara and the Pacific Ocean with a year-round Mediterranean climate, Montecito has become one the most exclusive and luxurious communities in the world. Montecito has become home to dozens of billionaires and numerous high profile celebrities from Opra to Jeff Bridges. The average price of a home in Montecito starts at about $2 million and can go well over $40 million.

There are 2 main shopping centers. 1 is the small shopping and dining area off of San Ysidro Road. And the main area is in the upper village on coast village road. Here you will find the best restaurants in the area such as the Montecito Café as well as high end real estate offices such as Village Properties. If you are in Montecito and looking for food, jewelry, clothing, or a hotel, then Coast Village Road is where you want to be.

Montecito is a small community with 2 public elementary schools and five private elementary schools. There are a few parks and tennis courts open to the public. Montecito also has three private golf courses in known as The Valley Club, Birnam Wood and the beautiful Montecito Country Club. The Knowlwood Tennis Club and the beachside Coral Casino offers both swimming and tennis for its members. The Coral Casino is connected to the famed Biltmore Hotel, which is frequented by numerous celebrities and high profile individuals looking for an escape from the L.A. life.

Butterfly Beach has become known as one of the area’s nicest beaches. There are also numerous hiking trails and horseback riding areas in the back hills. Most of the area’s events take place behind closed doors and inside mansions such as benefits and social functions hosted by local wealthy individuals.